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You are getting an early look at this absolutely stunning pillow, which is still under construction here at The Shabby Castle! How fun and interesting to see how a pillow is designed & constructed, starting with some simple fabric pieces and some thread, and ending with a delightful & ehchanting Shabby Chic style pillow!
Much time goes into the design portion of the pillow. This is the part where the fabrics are selected. Once fabrics are chosen, they are lined up to match, cut, ironed and lovingly stitched together.
The next step involves finishing off all the edges. Every single seam is finished off in this fashion so as to ensure a long lasting durable pillow!

The back gets cut and is laid out to see how the pattern will look right side up.


Once again, the edges are completely finished.

Next, the ruffle is cut, hemmed and ruffled! This sounds like an easy step, but it actually takes a considerable amount of time.

After the ruffle is finished, it is attached to the front side of the pillow.

Almost done! This is the exciting part! Only a few more steps to completion. 

Check back soon to see photos of the finishing process, which include sewing the front piece to the back piece, a button being sewn in place, and a button hole.

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